Defense in Depth: Exploring the Elements of a Layered Security Program


  • KnowBe4
  • RAPID7
  • Rubrik
  • CyberArk
  • Cisco Secure

About This Summit

Security threats are constantly evolving to exploit holes in, and between, layers of defense. Attackers adapt quickly to new technologies which means they can instantly take advantage of any changes in user and organizational behavior, as well as newly discovered flaws and weaknesses. The rapid pace of attacker development and adaptability demands constant vigilance from our IT teams, and many of us feel like our stack of defense technologies is outdated and falling behind. Security controls that were once finely calibrated to the threat landscape can become weighted too heavily toward older attack methods, while leaving the door open to new attack vectors. So, if are feeling overwhelmed by the pace of it all, you’re not alone!

In this exciting Virtual Summit, we will explore all the elements you need to build out the layers of a robust and effective security program. Listen to top industry experts as they explore innovative solutions and platforms that will empower your organization to meet evolving security threats and set up your defences for the realities of 2023.

  1. Roger Grimes

    Featuring Roger Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4

  2. Jeffrey Gardner

    Featuring Jeffrey Gardner Practice Advisor, Detection & Response, RAPID7

  3. Marc Creviere

    Featuring Marc Creviere Technical Product Manager, Rubrik, Rubrik

  4. Andrey Pozhogin

    Featuring Andrey Pozhogin Senior Product Marketing Manager – Endpoint, CyberArk

  5. Matthew Brooks

    Featuring Matthew Brooks Product Marketing Manager, Duo, Cisco Secure

  6. Kedar Hiremath

    Featuring Kedar Hiremath Product Marketing Manager, Umbrella, Cisco Secure

What You'll Learn

  1. Keep up with a rapidly evolving threat landscape
  2. Explore top solutions and platforms for each layer of your security program
  3. Enhance your organization's adaptability and rapid response tactics