EcoCast By ActualTech Media Getting Cloud Costs Under Control: Tools and Tips


  • Synology
  • Informatica

About This EcoCast

IT professionals and managers understand all the benefits of cloud, but we also need to reduce and control a constant upward drift in cloud costs. And there is always the fear of an alarming and surprising spike in monthly bills.

In this EcoCast, sessions will delve into solutions and services for getting and keeping cloud costs under control. In addition to tools for lowering ongoing costs, the webinar will address the common causes of big jumps in egress fees and other unexpected expenses and provide strategies and tools that help limit those costs.

Join this EcoCast for some tips, tricks, trends and solutions that will all help you get more from your organization’s cloud environment without breaking your budget!

  1. Ed Spinu

    Featuring Ed Spinu Technical Account Manager Synology

  2. Sumeet Agrawal

    Featuring Sumeet Agrawal VP, Product Management Informatica

What You'll Learn

  1. Reduce your existing Cloud Infastructure costs
  2. Avoid potentially spiking cloud costs in the future!
  3. Get more from the cloud without the financial stress