Special Webinar Event The Risks of Phishing and Unmanaged Personal Devices in the Modern Workforce


  • SlashNext

About This Webinar

Smishing and credential harvesting are exploding in the mobile environment, causing headline-making breaches and having a big impact on businesses.

A recent Verizon report shows 70% of mobile devices are not protected from phishing. Hackers know this too and launch phishing attacks on personal apps and successfully reach business systems. Organizations know unprotected devices can access their corporate data, but BYOD has challenges protecting company data and maintaining employees’ privacy.

Join Actual Tech Media and Patrick Harr, CEO SlashNext, to discuss why the dark web, remote work, and unmanaged personal devices have made phishing attacks so difficult to defeat

SlashNext is giving away free vouchers to their new Mobile Security – Home app to select attendees.

  1. Jess Steinbach

    Host Jess Steinbach Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Patrick Harr

    Featuring Patrick Harr CEO, SlashNext

In This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  1. What tactics are attackers using to manipulate users
  2. Mistakes from the latest breaches and how to avoid them
  3. What strategies to employ to protect your workforce from fast-evolving phishing attacks