Special Webinar Event Why Your Best Passwords Are No Passwords


  • Hitachi ID
  • HYPR

About This Webinar

How well is your organization really protected against two of the most prevalent cyberattacks: phishing and brute force attacks? According to a recent Hitachi ID study, nearly half of IT, security, and cybersecurity leaders still store passwords, a leading cause of attacks, in shared office documents and other insecure methods. IT leaders are now looking to eliminate corporate risk by never requiring a user to remember passwords again and provide superior security to traditional MFA solutions, which aren’t working. The status quo isn’t improving security or productivity. According to HYPR’s study, 89% of organizations believe passwordless authentication provides a superior user experience and the highest level of authentication security.

Join Hitachi ID, HYPR, and Actual Tech Media on September 27th for a pioneering and thought-provoking webinar to learn why passwords don’t really work and what you can do about it by eliminating the threat vector of passwords with a passwordless sign-in experience.

Don’t let poorly adopted traditional Multi-Factor Authentication make your organization a target for hackers.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Bryan Christ

    Featuring Bryan Christ Sales Engineer, Hitachi ID

  3. Ryan Rowcliffe

    Featuring Ryan Rowcliffe Field CTO, HYPR

During this webinar we will discuss:

  1. How to reduce the risk of compromised credentials by replacing traditional, tedious, and poorly adopted MFA methods and removing remembering passwords from the equation.
  2. Making authentication for your workforce as easy as unlocking a cell phone yet significantly more secure than traditional MFA solutions.
  3. Implementing unparalleled security assurance and a frictionless consumer-grade experience that delivers on speed, simplicity, and significantly increased security across your security fabric.