MegaCast Nutanix Special Edition

Nutanix Thanksgiving CAST: Success Recipes for Building Your Hybrid Cloud

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Enabling Balance: How IT Transformation Accelerates the Business While Reducing Pressure on IT Staff

You know the challenges all too well: your business is running systems from eight different vendors, requiring your constant attention.  Your Thanksgiving holiday is spent in the office rather than with your family.  But, business leaders care about profitability, customer satisfaction, and speed-to-market. To achieve these goals, they rely on IT to leverage the opportunities that modern digital technologies present. This forces IT to be focused on business results and innovation, while being asked to reduce spending and increase efficiency.

How do you help your business achieve these goals while also making it possible for you to spend holidays with your family rather than in the data center?

Join us on this special MegaCast as we provide a smorgasbord of success recipes that you can use with the budget, staff, and expertise you have to drive positive business outcomes that can also help you achieve a positive balance between your work life and your home life.

The Main Course: AHV -- Don’t manage the management 12:10-12:35pm

The holidays can force you to deal with complicated family members at the dinner table. But that’s nothing compared to the complexity of manage IT infrastructure across silo’ed IT teams, each with their own management processes. Join us to see how you can remove a heaping portion of that complexity by converging compute, virtualization, storage and networking. You’ll hear from an enterprise that has made this choice as they share how they reduced complexity, increased operational intelligence and moved faster to support their business needs.

  • Mike Wronski Nutanix

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Keep Calm: Bring everyone to the table with application-centric management 12:35-12:55pm

Balancing the multitude of options for deploying and managing applications is a complex task. Often your business applications rely on legacy tools and processes, rather than the best ones for the job. The everlasting, long wait for approvals and hand-offs keep applications from the users that need them. Join us to see how easy it can be to publish new cloud services, move towards agile processes and provide self-service to authorized users who can instantly to deploy and consume the applications they need.

  • Gil Haberman Nutanix

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Nintendo Switch the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.

The Side Dish: Securing your applications, large and small 12:55-1:15pm

At Thanksgiving, the turkey is the star of the show although the side dishes are just as important! IT often doles out a narrow focus on some aspects of security leaving others unaddressed. With recent and frequent news on major data breaches, the attention is returning to broader and deeper defense strategies. Join this session to learn how you can keep your distributed infrastructure and business applications very secure.

  • Mike Wronski Nutanix

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Nintendo Switch the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.

The Stuffing: Applications taste delicious when mixed with hyperconvergence. 1:15-1:45pm

Creating a great meal is about bringing together the right mix of flavors at the same time, which is a lot like ensuring you’ve got just the right mix of server, virtualization and storage to support your critical enterprise applications. You want to get that recipe right without needing separate infrastructure silos and management processes, and do it for a mix of workloads at the same time. Hear from Sibo Attema from Wetterskip Fryslân, a Dutch public utility company, about how they use Nutanix for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Citrix XenDesktop and more. You’ll be served the big picture on a platter for how to plan, optimize, upgrade, ensure availability and expand your own cloud built on hyperconverged infrastructure for running all your important applications, databases and services on a single platform.

  • Sibo Attema Wetterskip Fryslan

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