CISO 2023 Budget Forecast: With Recession Headwinds, Balance Cyber Risk Reduction With Zero Trust


  • Cloudflare

About This Webinar

As we enter Q3 2022, most CIOs & CISOs will start planning and forecasting their 2023 budgets. It is an excellent time to reflect on the success and challenges during the first half of the year while identifying and eliminating roadblocks for the remainder of the year. The 2023 expectations had been increased IT budgets and executing various initiatives that were on hold for the past two years.

However, the reality is that a looming recession could impact the economic outlook and slow business growth. Yet there is no slowing down in two areas: 1) digital initiatives and 2) cyber attacks. Digital initiatives promise business transformation, efficiency, and increased revenue. The fear of intellectual property and customer data exposure or ransom are mounting concerns at the board level.

In this webinar, Cloudflare will discuss how CISOs face tough challenges planning their 2023 cyber risk reduction budget forecast. i.e., how to support business growth and modernize security to reduce cyber risks with potential recession headwinds.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Sandip Wadje

    Featuring Sandip Wadje Global Head - Technology & Risk Intelligence BNP Paribas

  3. Adi Mukadam

    Featuring Adi Mukadam Product Marketing Director Cloudflare

  4. Susan Chiang

    Featuring Susan Chiang Deputy CISO Cloudflare

What You'll Learn

  1. The potential impact of the recession on IT
  2. Guidance for 2023 budget forecasting
  3. Recommendations to do more with less and yet transform