Special Webinar Event The Intersection of Security and Data Protection

Understanding the Critical Role of Security Plays in Data Protection Strategy


  • Druva

About This Webinar

The modern technology landscape is an endless combined mass of integrated services, dependencies, and second order consequences. Every decision you make carries with it a set of potential consequences. To be successful today, you need to understand the complete picture of your technology architecture and how your decisions have the potential to impact your organization.

Nowhere is this truer than in decisions related to data protection. Modern data protection outcomes are inextricably linked to your security posture and making the wrong choice can have dire consequences in a world where ransomware runs rampant and software vulnerabilities create potential inroads for attackers.

During this one-hour webinar, join Mr. Backup himself – W. Curtis Preston – as he and ActualTech Media’s Scott Lowe discuss key points of consideration in data protection software decisions and help you learn how the decisions you make impact the potential for devastation down the road.

  1. Scott D. Lowe

    Host Scott D. Lowe Partner, ActualTech Media

  2. W. Curtis Preston

    Featuring W. Curtis Preston Chief Technical Evangelist, Druva

What You'll Learn

  1. How modern backups are at more risk than ever before and what you need to do to protect them
  2. Ways in which ‘out of the box’ settings can result in ‘out of business’ for your organization
  3. The real and common potential that human error has to wreak havoc on a poorly considered backup and recovery solution
  4. The common controls found in enterprise software tools that are often conspicuously lacking in backup tools and why they are so important
  5. How a proper backup and recovery environment can ease chaos related to eDiscovery, compliance, and other sensitive data governance needs