Q4 Enterprise Storage EcoCast


  • Tintri
  • Nutanix
  • NetApp
  • DataCore Software

About This EcoCast

If you thought the storage market of the past few years was a wild ride, you might want to buckle up! Today's IT pros are poised to see revolutions in storage that will make the last few years look like we were standing still!

Storage innovation in the continues in high gear, especially this quarter, with a even more options and solutions from which to choose. You've got "cheap and deep" for archival purposes, solutions that provide buckets of IOPS and blazing throughput, options that that give you an object store that can scale to practically unlimited levels, new software-only solutions, hybrid cloud support, hyperconverged options and much much more.

But, how do you evaluate all of these options? This Enterprise Storage EcoCast is your opportunity to consider solutions from three top storage innovators, each with a unique story to tell. This event is your opportunity to gain deep insight into the Q4 storage market all in a single afternoon.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  2. Chuck Dubuque

    Featuring Chuck Dubuque VP, Products and Solutions, Tintri

  3. Brian Suhr

    Featuring Brian Suhr Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix

  4. Aaron Delp

    Featuring Aaron Delp Director of Emerging Technologies, NetApp

  5. George Teixeira

    Featuring George Teixeira CEO, DataCore Software

What You'll Learn

  1. See the latest advancements in storage technology from Netapp, Nutanix & Tintri
  2. Learn about different approaches to storage this year to make sure that you're on a pathway to success
  3. Discover how each vendor tackles the biggest storage challenges facing organizations today: simplicity, scalability, and cost
  4. Get answers to your storage questions from the storage community’s top experts!