Special Webinar Event 6 Ways to Reduce Risk with Managed Detection and Response


  • Red Canary

About This Webinar

The rapid rise in the number and complexity of cyberattacks make it paramount to get ahead of threats. Traditional security tools provide threat alerts, but they can lead to a more complicated IT environment and require manual day-to-day tactical activities.

Learn six ways that Managed Detection and Response (MDR) can reduce risk with 24/7 monitoring, early detection and visibility, fast response, and uncovering threats that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Hear real success stories from other organizations who have partnered with an MDR provider.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Laura Hamel

    Featuring Laura Hamel Principal of Managed Detection and Response, Red Canary

What You'll Learn

  1. Get details of the alarming ways cybersecurity threats are evolving and increasing
  2. Find out how MDR helps organizations bridge the security skills gap
  3. See real-world data showing the way mean time to respond (MTTR) is reduced with MDR
  4. Learn best practices for containing and preventing breaches