Special Webinar Event Enterprise Risk Myopia: The Intersection of Security Ratings, Cyber Insurance, and Domain Names


  • SecurityScorecard
  • CSC
  • Marsh McLennan

About This Webinar

Managing enterprise risk in an organization is as complex as it is strategic in that you truly need to understand from where your largest risks originate. Security ratings and progressive cybersecurity insurance providers can help to uncover overlooked risks, such as the importance of domain name security for a company’s risk management strategy. With phishing and ransomware attacks growing, too little attention is given to mitigating attacks in the early stages of a ransomware attack through available domain-related security measures.

Additionally, far too many companies are unaware of the difference between “consumer-grade” and “enterprise-class” domain registrars. This has led to a surfeit of registrars (over 2,500) the overwhelming majority of which wittingly or unwittingly enable brand abuse and fraud by malicious third parties circumventing US privacy laws. Research from SecurityScorecard shows that on average a client’s DNS health security factor is one-half to one full letter grade higher when they are using an enterprise-class provider. SecurityScorecard, CSC Global, and Marsh McLennan can help you take an active defense posture to enhance your security and build a risk intelligence capability.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Mike Wilkes

    Featuring Mike Wilkes Chief Information Security Officer, SecurityScorecard

  3. Mark Calandra

    Featuring Mark Calandra President of Digital Brand Services, CSC

  4. CJ Dietzman

    Featuring CJ Dietzman Managing Director and Cyber Security Marketplace Leader, Marsh McLennan

What You'll Learn

  1. New areas of focus for reducing your attack surface
  2. The state of the cyber insurance market
  3. How security ratings and domain name security intersect