Exclusive Online Event Unlocking Your IT Career Potential in 2022

Expert Advice & Guidance from Top IT Executives & Hiring Directors


  • TEKsystems
  • Anderson Technologies
  • Pluralsight
  • The CTO Advisor

Ready to Unlock Your IT Career Potential But Not Sure Where to Start? Get the Expert Advice You Need to Level-Up in 2022!

This exclusive online event will show you exactly what it takes to strategically move your IT career forward...

We’ve assembled an 'A-Team' of presenters who will help you find out what top employers are currently looking for in IT prospects, how the fastest-moving IT professionals got to where they are now, and the tactics they use to keep their skills current.

As a bonus, current CEOs Scott Lowe and Keith Townsend will reveal what it takes to reach the C-Suite and become a CIO or CTO.

During this IT career-focused event, you will:

  • Hear from seasoned IT professionals who have been where you are and how they moved up
  • Gain insight into what employers are looking for RIGHT NOW in IT prospects
  • Get tips on the must-have IT certifications, skills, and training you'll need in 2022
  • Find out what it takes to become a CIO or CTO
  • And…win amazing prizes, including Amazon gift cards and PluralSight Premium Memberships! - check out the full agenda below!
  1. Eric Riddle

    Special Guest Eric Riddle Senior Information Technology Recruitment Consultant, TEKsystems, TEKsystems

  2. Amy Anderson

    Featuring Amy Anderson Founding Principal, Anderson Technologies, Anderson Technologies

  3. Matthew Pizzi

    Featuring Matthew Pizzi Technology Curriculum Director, Pluralsight, Pluralsight

  4. Scott D. Lowe

    Featuring Scott D. Lowe Partner & CEO, Guest Speaker

  5. Jennifer Bergman

    Featuring Jennifer Bergman Director of Marketing, ActualTech Media

  6. Ned Bellavance

    Featuring Ned Bellavance Microsoft Azure MVP, Author, Guest Speaker

  7. James Green

    Featuring James Green Partner, ActualTech Media

  8. David Davis

    Featuring David Davis Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

  9. Keith Townsend

    Featuring Keith Townsend CEO, The CTO Advisor, The CTO Advisor