Ransomware Preparation: Laying the Groundwork in Case You’re Attacked


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About This Expert Series

Security tools that help block ransomware infections are a critical defense, but even the best defenses fail. After all, an attacker only needs to succeed once. Part of being prepared is planning for the worst-case scenario, which is finding out that all your systems are encrypted and you’re facing a Bitcoin-based ransom demand.

In this Expert Series session, security expert Evgeniy Kharam will focus on all the steps organizations need to take ahead of time to be ready for a ransomware attack. This event is part of ActualTech Media's Expert Series on Ransomware.

About the Expert

Evgeniy Kharam is a cybersecurity expert and the co-founder of the Security Architecture Podcast. His experience spans decades from roles as a cyber security engineer with the Israeli Navy and a firewall QA engineer at CheckPoint to a long career at the Herjavec Group, where he was a vice president of cybersecurity solutions architecture.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Evgeniy Kharam

    Featuring Evgeniy Kharam VP, Solution Architecture, Herjavec Group, and Co-founder, Security Architecture Podcast

What You'll Learn

  1. Follow along on a detailed walkthrough of the pros and cons of cyber insurance
  2. Learn the tricks and traps of cryptocurrency payments
  3. Discover best practices for creating and updating a bulletproof ransomware playbook
  4. Get your questions answered by expert presenters!