Moving to the Cloud Without AWS, Azure, or Google


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About This Expert Series

The hyperscaler cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP – aren’t for everyone.

Organizations have a lot of reasons to consider alternatives. Privacy, compliance, additional control over infrastructure, and security are a few of them. Plus the hyperscalers are multi-faceted companies that compete with almost everyone on something, and storing data, applications and trade secrets on a competitor’s infrastructure can be a legitimate concern.

In this Expert Series session, we’ll look at reasons to move to the cloud without moving to one of the “Big Three” public cloud providers. We’ll compare options between on-premises data centers, private clouds, and other public cloud providers. Finally, we’ll look at steps to take in making a migration to a private or non-hyperscaler public cloud.

About the Speaker

Howard M. Cohen is a 35+ year executive veteran of the IT industry, an authorized CompTIA instructor, and a regular contributor to many IT industry publications. Howard's technology focus areas include cloud, big data, IoT, cognitive and AI, security, Open Source, software-defined-everything, storage, integration, appdev, blockchain, and mobility.

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    Host Jess Steinbach Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media

  2. Howard M. Cohen

    Featuring Howard M. Cohen Compelling Content Creator, Technologist, and Writer, Guest Speaker

What You'll Learn

  1. Top reasons to consider a public cloud other than AWS, Azure, or GCP
  2. Differences between public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and a modern on-premises data center
  3. How to make an effective migration to the cloud
  4. Get answers to your most pressing cloud questions!