Top 5 Lessons Learned Deploying Real-World Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

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What You Need to Know About Deploying Infrastructure for AI:

Artificial intelligence is fueling amazing innovation in many industries. However, AI and machine learning technologies remain a giant mystery for most data architects and IT experts. To capture the potential of AI, from learning how it works through helping to build some of the world’s most innovative AI systems, organizations need a partner that understands the nuts and bolts and that can provide a robust AI foundation.

During this unique webinar, you will discover how Pure has helped build and deploy some of the most advanced infrastructure for AI, including powerful AI supercomputers to systems for autonomous driving software. Join us as Pure shares the top five lessons learned in making AI initiatives successful in real-world deployments.

Scott D. Lowe

Scott D. Lowe

Partner, ActualTech Media

Roy Kim

Roy Kim

Director Products & Deep Learning Solutions, Pure Storage

During this webinar, you will learn

  • How leading enterprises are building and deploying infrastructure for AI
  • Why legacy assumptions about data lakes and applications no longer applies to AI
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using cloud for AI