Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack: How to Spot it. How to Stop it.

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What You Need to Know

Join ActualTech Media & Thycotic’s Product Marketing Manager as he explains and demonstrates how easy it is for someone to gain access to, and compromise, your domain controller. He will discuss the complete lifecycle of a modern-day cybersecurity breach, from the very simple hack to the very sophisticated infiltration of a network.

David Davis

David Davis

Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media

RJ Gazarek

RJ Gazarek

Product Marketing Manager, Thycotic

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • How easy it is to take over any basic privileged account
  • How that basic account can be used to elevate privileges and move laterally through a network
  • How attackers can quickly make their way to your domain controller and other critical systems
  • Key steps to prevent privileged account hacks